We can help you to
•Identify the negative dance you are stuck in
•Learn to step out of it
•Explore the emotional needs and reasons beneath your stuck patterns
•Be there to comfort and care for each other
•Increase emotional and sexual intimacy
•Create safety and security in your relationship
•Feeling discouraged, disappointed or unhappy in your relationship

Emotionally Focused Therapy
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a research and evidence based model of therapy for couples, individuals and families, developed by Susan Johnson, EdD. Research studies have found that 70% of couples significantly improve
in their relationships, and these changes usually last over time. As humans we are wired to want positive connection with our partners. When we do not get that, we eventually go into distress, and the more we try, the harder it becomes. Through research, we now know the science of adult love.

  We work through the most effective and successful model for couples, individuals and families

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For more information on EFT, please visit: www.iceeft.com / www.trieft.org / www.orangecountyeft.com